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Mueritzeum - House of the 1000 Lakes in Waren (Mueritz)

Image Copyright: Müritzeum

Since the 2nd August 2007, the Müritzeum - House of the 1000 Lakes, has been open to the public. This Nature-Experience-Centre offers for something for every interested visitor in any weather.

Moor, fauna, forest and time travel to the last Ice Age are being vividly demonstrated and give information about the evolutionary history of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Here, everything revolves around Germany's biggest inland lake. We are very happy to introduce to the its majesty, the
Müritz. And with
the 999 sparkling members of her blue-blooded royal household. Discreetly, we are looking under her waterline and get at the bottom of the fish world. We explore the Müritz-Nationalpark from a bird's perspective, meet 1000-year old tree giants, examine the Ice Age and wrestle some secrets from the moor.

Image Copyright: Müritzeum

Based on the exhibition and collection Natural-History Museum of Mecklenburg, founded in 1866 by Hermann Freiherr von Maltzan, today, the visitor is able to admire the over 280.000 exhibits in the Müritzeum.

The prospective explorer can also do his own experiments and learn a lot about his environment.

The focus of this exhibition is an impressive aquaria landscape. 600 whitefish alone from the Mecklenburg Lake District are swarming here.
A contemporary multi-vision and the natural-historical state collection, present nature's beauties and wonderworks. Everywhere, there is something to try out or unearth.

Experience garden, special exhibitions as well as diverse events complement the centre of this fascinating region.

Image Copyright: Müritzeum

The individual theme areas are being close to nature depicted, just as animals and plants exist.
In the area forest, one learns about forest history, e.g. that the first 'regulated' forestry only exists since the 19th-century.
Information about tree functions and thus the forest is being depicted in a simple and vividly style. Thrilling is also a walk through the night forest...

The Müritzeum is also a Welcome-Centre
for the Mecklenburg Lake District. Visitors will find lots of information about Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania's blue-green heart as well as current leisure time and holiday offers.
Important also for a first overview and unforgettable days.

Image Copyright: Müritzeum

The basement of the Müritzeum houses the aquarium landscape.
Here, Germany's biggest fresh water aquarium was established. Over 600 whitefish swim here around and attract attention. It feels like, one is among them!
But, the 27cm thick, 6x6m large glass pane separates us. This pane is the biggest one ever produced in Europe!

40 native fish species, crawfish, terrapins and other water animals in 24 pools, fascinate the visitors. The oldest inhabitant is a 27 year old mirror carp, which weights over 20 kilogramme. The Highlight is the 100.000-litre-pool, the recreation of a river landscape and the, in part outdoor situated water theatre with a view onto the Herren Lake.

Image Copyright: Müritzeum

This unique collection presents nature around the Müritz. Simple, descriptive, clear and fascinating for visitors of any age, who is interested in his environment. The exhibitions are being scientifically supervised.

The foray through history starts from the Ice Age, which formed this landscape. Via the Stone Age and Slavic era, we reach the Middle Ages and finally the present.

In a hot-air balloon, we watch the Lake District fro a bird's perspective. In the concert hall, the »Garden-Sextett« and other feathered choirs give a concert. In the birds' hall, numerous frequent flyers swarm around us.
Giant oaks, gnarled pines, slender alders - we are on our way to the forest and look up to the treetops and into the roots. We do a night walk and learn thrilling stories about the forest animals as well as the wood and its diverse usage.

Cast off the ropes, start the motor, captain to the helm! Here, little visitors can play fishermen. The Herren Lake lines a diverse park with old trees and contemporary art. With a bit of luck, one can watch wild waterfowl. On the nature trail, we meet native copses and shrubs, examine large and small stones and explore a beehive.

The MÜRITZEUM is a modern multimedia NatureExperienceCentre.
Fascinating, entertaining and informative, simple and easy to understand, it presents the region around the Müritz - equally well suited for young and old. Here, one can have fun in every weather, relax, experiment, learn, dream, experience home as well as wonder about the past, presnet and future.

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